Do we need a candle snuffer?

Did you know that unattended candles are one of the main causes of house fires? According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are nearly 10,000 residential fires annually in the US due to careless use of candles. Sure we love to have our candle diffusing the scent as long as we can, but leave it burning carelessly can be dangerous. Is there anything more convenient than having a snuffer right next to the candle when it needs to be extinguished? Candles snuffers are specifically designed for this purpose.

What is a candle snuffer? It’s a tool made of hinged bell attached to a handle. It’s designed to neatly put out flame, without the danger or mess of spattering wax.

Why should we use a candle snuffer?

If we don’t put out the candle properly, we could get a lot of smoke that may cause health issues when we inhaled, and we’ll have to clean up wax residue left on the countertop. It is especially hard and dangerous to blow out a wood wick candle! With a candle snuffer, it puts out candles by placing the inverted cup over the flame and trapping the oxygen. This prevents the possibility of burns, black soot, and eliminates wax from splashing, so the wax pool stays in good condition for future burns. 

How to use a candle snuffer?

  1. Place the candle snuffer over the top of the candle
  2. Gently push down on the snuffer to cover the flame
  3. Hold the snuffer in place for a few seconds to make sure the flame is completely put out
  4. Remove the snuffer from the candle

Many may think that snuffer is a luxury item or only used by candle lovers, it’s actually one of the most essential tools you can have when candles are around for safety and candle care reasons. If you are ready to get it for your own, just make sure that the snuffer you buy is made of high-quality materials like stainless steel or brass, so it won’t break easily. Check out our Candle Care Kit ,it is made of stainless steel and comes in a 4-piece set that includes a candle snuffer, a wick trimmer, a wick dipper and a tray to hold all the tools. 

candle care kit

It only takes one snuffer to put out all your candles, enjoy a new candle experience with it!