Education at ISIPCA: Exploring the World of Fragrance

Before the launch of Luminose, we embarked on a journey from Los Angeles to Versailles in France, to enhance our expertise in fragrance making at the world-renowned perfumery institution, ISIPCA. Our learning experience there provided us with invaluable insights into the artistry behind captivating fragrances.


Founded in 1970 by Jean-Jacques Guerlain, a distinguished figure in the fragrance industry and a member of the esteemed Guerlain perfume dynasty. ISIPCA stands as a premier institution dedicated to education and research in the fields of perfume, cosmetics, and flavoring. Globally recognized for its prestigious programs on fragrance, ISIPCA offers comprehensive courses covering various aspects including but not limited to perfumery, fragrance evaluation, formulation, and sensory analysis.

During our time at ISIPCA, we were granted the extraordinary opportunity to immerse ourselves into the magical world of scents. We trained our olfactory skills by analyzing and experiencing hundreds of natural and synthetic raw materials, allowing us to refine our sense of smell.

The hours spent in the lab were a treasure of discovery, where we indulged in the process of trial and error to craft feminine and masculine perfumes, using raw materials from renowned fragrance suppliers such as Firmenich, Givaudan, and Robertet.

One of the most remarkable benefits of training at ISIPCA is its possession of the world's largest scent archive, housing samples of some of the oldest known perfumes. At the renowned Osmothèque, we had the privilege of smelling the fragrance treasures made by pioneering perfumers that have been carefully preserved throughout history and that are now discontinued or reformulated.

At ISIPCA, we met with great people from across the world who all shared a passion for fragrance. This enriching experience has offered a wealth of inspiration and knowledge in the art of scent creation, laying a solid foundation for the development of our future candle lines!