Forest Parade


Green Calcite and Clear Quartz Diffuser Set

Key Notes:
Eucalyptus. Juniper

The healing effects of green calcite blended with the emancipating properties of clear quartz make the herbal concoction of eucalyptus and juniper come to life. The heart chakra is enlivened with potency and rejuvenescence, stimulating emotional growth and allowing nature’s bounty and prosperity to flow. The crown chakra is enlightened with a refreshed focus. The body’s overall immune system feels protected, and spirit is supported to reach an upgraded level of consciousness.

To Use: For the first time, add a couple drops of the diffuser oil over the crystals, allow the crystals to absorb the oil before the aroma is gently released into the air. To keep the crystals ‘nourished’ over time, add the oil depending on your preference.

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