Hush Hush


Clear Quartz and Amethyst Diffuser Set

Key Notes:
Mandarin. Black Currant. Musk

Amethyst and clear quartz are the jewels of the crown chakra, elevating the mind and spirit and bringing the self to a higher state of consciousness. The energizing qualities of mandarin and blackcurrant help improve focus, while the soothing characteristics of musk assist to calm the mind. The emotion and spirit are nourished naturally with positivity, creating a feeling that is experiential, cerebral, and serene.

To Use: For the first time, add a couple drops of the diffuser oil over the crystals, allow the crystals to absorb the oil before the aroma is gently released into the air. To keep the crystals ‘nourished’ over time, add the oil depending on your preference.

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