Benefits of Scented Candles

More and more of us are having candles as part of our home décor, but did you know that they have many other benefits you might not know about? Cognitive behavioral therapist and clinical integrative psychotherapist Chryssa Chalkia once said, "it is scientifically proven that scented candles can play an essential role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, working capacity, and overall mental health." Below are some of the many advantages of burning a candle in your household.

Creates an Ambiance  

Let it be the beautiful scent or the flickering of the flame; candles can add a layer of luxury and romance to your home. Depending on the scent that you choose to burn, it is easy to create a completely different atmosphere around you. Next time you have your date over or simply want a better dining experience, light up our Accidental Crush.

It is a Stress Reliever

We all encounter a stressful day now and then. There are many ways to alleviate stress, such as going for a massage, but the most cost-effective and efficient way is aromatherapy. The scent goes through the nose and triggers the scent receptors, which can almost instantly make you feel a bit better. The eucalyptus scent in Forest Parade can help you breathe deeper and alleviate a stressful long day.


Great for Meditation

Meditation is a practice that helps clear the mind and improves the ability to focus. For beginners, it is easier to focus on an object while meditating. Gazing at a gentle flicker of the flame is a great way to start. Before you start, sit up straight, and make sure you are comfortable. Light up 6AM Ritual and let your meditating session become more effective. 

Has a Calming Effect

A candle's flame creates a soft illumination that relaxes and calms us. Try tuning off the world and just focus on your inner self. Listen to the soft crackling sound of Sand Dunes; the warm ambiance it creates will make you feel cozy and calm. What a way to wrap up a hectic day!

Promotes a Good Sleep

Many of us stare at the screen before we sleep, let it be the TV, laptop, iPad, or phone. The blue light it emits can disrupt our sleep hygiene and can be harmful to our health in the long run. Why not put those electronics aside, smell the soothing scent of Blank Verse and read a book? This can restore your natural sleeping habits and cure insomnia. 

A Mood Booster

Surround yourself with the happy scent of Hush Hush. Its citrus scent is a mood-boosting superstar that can instantly pick up your spirits. D-limonene, the main component in citrus fruits, supports the nervous system and keeps you feeling energized and uplifted. The integration of musk's sweetness and mandarin's freshness in "Hush Hush" creates a perfect pair to bring sunshine any time of the day.