What are Chakras?

The word “Chakras” translate to the English word “Wheels”. You’ve probably heard of this word in Yoga class or New Age philosophies. They are focal points of energy in the body that originated in India. It is important that all the chakras stay open and balanced; if there is a blockage, the flow of energy is restricted. There are seven primary Chakras located along the spine. The major ones include: 

Root Chakra: Starting at the bottom of the spine is the root chakra. It influences the foundation of life; when it is aligned, we will feel stable and secure both emotionally and physically.

Sacral Chakra: Below the belly button and above the pelvic bone is the sacral chakra. It is related to your emotions, sexuality, as well as all creative expressions.

Navel Chakra: Also known as the solar plexus chakra, it is located near the stomach area. It is responsible for confidence and our self-esteem. Keeping it balanced will enhances our personal power.

Heart Chakra: As the name implies, it is located at heart. It is right in the middle of the seven chakras, which serves as a bridge between our upper and lower chakras. The heart chakra gives us the ability to love and connect to others.

Throat Chakra: This is located in the throat area. It helps with our ability to communicate verbally. When aligned, you will be able to speak and listen with compassion and be truthful to yourself and others.

Third Eye Chakra: Positioned on the forehead, in between the eyes is the third eye chakra. It is linked to imagination and intuition; when opened, people are able to see the bigger picture.  

Crown Chakra: Located just above the head and linked to all other chakras is the crown chakra. It enlightens spiritual connections to yourself, others, and the universe. It plays a vital role in your life’s purpose.

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