Crystal Healing Properties

The beauty and power of gemstones and crystals have been recognized as far back as in the ancient Sumerian times. Many people believe that crystals have healing abilities for the body and mind. The popularity of yoga and meditation in recent times brought more attention towards crystal and its healing properties. Crystals can heal us through changing our inner vibrations to help bring out our best selves. Each type of crystal has its own specific properties; here are some popular options.Crystals
Activates the vitality of thoughts, clears unnecessary mind clutter, and protects from nightmares and insomnia.
Blue Calcite
Aids in emotional healing, encourage clear communication, and releases mental blockages and trauma.
Increases optimism and sunny cheerfulness, boosts courage and self-confidence, and improves motivation.
Clear Quartz
Clears out stagnant energy, aids emotional stability, and amplifies other crystals' energy.
Green Calcite
Promotes open-mindedness, helps release rigid beliefs, and manifests wealth, prosperity, and success.
Himalayan Salt
Absorbs and neutralizes negative energies and toxins in the space, reduces anxiety, and clears blockages in the chakras.
Honey Calcite
Elevates self-esteem and self-worth, encourages self-expression, and sweeps away old energy patterns.
Rose Quartz
Opens your heart, attracts love into your life, helps inner healing, and promotes self-love and awareness.
Crystal Diffusers
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