Donation to The Nature Conservancy

Ingredients are key to the hand-made products we create at Luminose, and sustainability is a huge priority for us when sourcing those ingredients. For example, the wax we use is the most sustainable option on the market. Instead of cotton wicks, the eco-friendly wood wicks selected are made from FSC Certified Wood, which means they come from responsibly managed forests, all filled into a reusable ceramic vessel.

While we are committed to creating sustainably made products, we have vested ourselves with greater responsibility as we believe protecting the planet matters significantly. To give back to the environment, we have donated 5% of our net profit to The Nature Conservancy. We are convinced that their missions and actions will create a crucial impact in making the Earth a better place.

We have come all the way to ensure that our choice of ingredients aligns with our brand philosophy- clean and healthy for our customers and the environment. We hope to work with companies that share the same value as us and continuously support organizations that are striving to achieve their missions in environmental protection.

About The Nature Conservancy

Since 1951, The Nature Conservancy has been working in partnership with individuals, local communities, government agencies, and private businesses to protect the natural landscapes that harbor the diversity of plant and animal life on Earth. TNC is working to boldly address the biodiversity and climate crises this decade with a long history of protecting lands, rivers, lakes, and oceans through projects on the ground. TNC is persistent in making a lasting difference by 2030 so people and the planet can have a brighter future.