Luminose’s first collaboration, CHUNMEI X LUMINOSE Bubble Series has come to alive, integrating fragrance, art, and life. The series features our signature scents hand-poured into the stoneware ceramics hand-made by Chunmei.

Chunmei is a Los Angeles-based ceramic artist who studied art history in New York. Her pottery practice is pursuing time-honored, hand-crafted techniques originating in different cultural contexts. The creations of her objects are a dense collection of ideas and inspirations ranging from ceramic sculptures to daily homeware, in which art and life are fully merged.

The intention behind the design of Bubble Series aligns seamlessly with the perceptual and aesthetic goals of Luminose, that is to ignite colorful and delightful sensations during aromatic experiences. The Bubble Series reemphasizes the symbolism of bubbles; the joyous, iridescent moments in life, and the feelings of glee and exhilaration in the bubble dream. When bubbles are added to the space, they are not simply a decoration, but an indication that life is meant to be enjoyed.