How to Make a Candle

So you have finished burning your Luminose candle, and ready to create another on your own. Look no further; here are some simple steps you can follow to make a candle!

1. Cover the surface which you’ll be working on, just in case of a spill or any kind of mess.

cover work surface
2. Clean out your vessel and let it dry completely. Place one side of the wood wick on the wick clip and apply a wick sticker on the bottom of the wick clip. Stick what you have assembled into the center bottom of your vessel.
clean vessel
wick sticker
3. Melt the wax for a few minutes until it liquefies. We suggest a temperature around 200-250F. Pour the melted wax into a pitcher (or a large paper cup).
wax temperature
4.When the melted wax cools to 180F, add the fragrance oil and stir gently. Be sure not to do it too fast, as it might create bubbles.
mixing scent
5. Slowly pour the blended wax into your vessel until a little below the engraved line we have on our vessel. A small tip is to have the wax pour on top of the wood wick, as this will help the burn.
pouring wax
6. Let your candle cool for about 24hrs. Trim your wick with a wick trimmer until only ¼” is above the wax.
making candle
You’ve made it. Enjoy your brand new candle! Click here for our Candle Refill Kit.