Easy Ways to Clean and Repurpose Your Candle Jars

Candle brings a ton of joy to life. Great candles smell amazing, look nice and make us feel great. When candle is burnt down to its last legs, it may be the end to that particular scent, but there are plenty of other options that will give a second life to the empty vessel left behind. We can repurpose a candle vessel in various decorative ways if we can get it sparkling clean. 

 How do you clean a candle jar?

The freezer methodThis is one of the easiest ways to get every bit of wax out of a candle jar. Place the candle in the freezer for a few hours, then use a spoon to scoop it out or simply flip it upside down on a kitchen towel; the wax should just pop out.

The hot water method. Carefully pour a cup of boiled water into the candle jar. After a few minutes, the wax will either float on its own, or you can loosen it with a spoon or butter knife. Wipe clean or wash with warm soapy water as needed.

Heat gun or hairdryer method. This method is helpful for melting just a thin layer of candle wax. Use small circular motion pointing towards the areas where the wax remains. Once softened, scoop the wax onto a disposable bag or container. 

Safety Tips

  • Stop burning a candle when there is just ½ inch of unmelted wax remaining at the bottom of the jar.
  • Never use a microwave to remove candle wax from a container. Even if the container is microwave-safe, the metal tab attached to the candle wick can explode in your microwave!
  • Never pour candle wax down a drain even when melted, the wax will cool and clog the pipes where it solidified.

 How to reuse candle jars?

#1. Repot your succulents

Candle jars are the perfect size for small cactus or succulents. The tiny plant will add the right amount of greenery to the windowsill.

#2. Organize your vanity

The simplistic, textured look of ceramic candle vessels will blend right in with the aesthetic of your beauty supplies. Use smaller candle jars to hold cotton pads or Q-tips and larger ones to hold makeup brushes, eyeliners, and taller makeup supplies.

#3. Use as flower vases

Upcycle your old candle vessels and use them as vases for fresh flowers. Since it will take only a few blooms to fill the vessel, this would be a budget-friendly option to indulge fresh blossoms.

#4. Organize office supplies

To help you keep your desk organized, toss in little odds and ends into a pretty candle jar. Simply use it to hold pens, scissors, and other items that make your workspace productive.

#5. Declutter your nightstand

If you love burning that calming candle on your nightstand, why not keep the container to do its job further. Tuck a hand cream, lip balm, TV remote, essential oil roller, or sleep spray within reach inside a candle jar to keep your bedside table tidy.

#6. Make your own candle

You can always recycle the candle jar by adding new wax to it! Purchase wax at any craft store; just melt it down, and add your desired fragrance and wick.